T's Organic Vodka

Wheat from Zeeland
Water from the Veluwe
 Amsterdam Made

Two brothers from Amsterdam making a Vodka as pure and tasteful as can be. 
T's Organic Vodka is made from Dutch organic grains, six times copper-distilled and harmonized for six weeks with the purest water of Holland. 
Join our family and find out yourself! 

Our Process

Using Certified Organic wheat from Zeeland, the purest water in the Netherlands and a unique distillation process using copper stills, we have created a Vodka that is filled with flavor while having a velvet finish. Because we use Organic wheat there is no need to filter the Vodka, so all nuances of flavor are kept inside. 

Our Product

Because the nuances of flavor are kept inside, T's Organic Vodka is perfect to enjoy straight or on the rocks, while also adding an extra dimension to cocktails. That's why bartenders in some of the best bars in Amsterdam like to use it in their Vodka based cocktails.

Our Passion

We want to show the world how much of a difference it makes using a distillate from Organic grains compared to using industrial alcohol.
T's Organic Vodka is distilled by hand, from grain to glass.

Exclusive Package

One bottle of T's Organic Vodka
Four exclusive mixers by The London Essence Co.
One T's Cocktail Glass


Exclusive Ambassador Package

Two bottles of T's Organic Vodka
The full collection of nine mixers by The London Essence Co.
Now with two T's Cocktail Glasses!


T's Cocktails

Some of our all-time favorites

Circling Memories

60ml T's Organic Vodka
30ml Fresh Lime Juice
25ml Homemade Mint Syrup
Cucumber - two fingers, diced

Muddle cucumber in shaker tin
Add other ingredients and shake over ice
Double strain over crushed ice
Garnish with mint leaves

Purple Flute

20ml T's Organic Vodka, Butterfly Pea Infused
25ml Dry Gin
10ml Blanco Reserva Vermouth
15ml Organic Elderflower Liqueur
15ml Simple Syrup
25ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

Infuse T's Organic Vodka with butterfly pea flower
Shake with plenty of ice
Strain into champagne flute over ice
Garnish with dehydrated blood orange

Mokum Mule

45ml T's Organic Vodka
125ml Ginger Beer 
Juice from half Lime
Angostura Bitters

Build all ingredients except bitters in glass over ice
Add two dashes of Angostura Bitters
Garnish with lime wedge

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