Our Story

As two young brothers from Amsterdam, Max and Bob found something special.
While Max was living in the United States, there was always one thing they did when they reunited... Drinking!
One day, Max brought his older brother Bob “something nice,” he said. When Bob found out it was Vodka - which he wasn’t a big fan of - he wasn’t that happy.
But he tasted it and... This one was amazing! So soft, pure and clean. 
“Where did you find this? How is this possible? Where can I get it?” All questions he and Max’ other friends asked him, as they finished the bottle that evening. 
The secret: a distillate from the best grains, using only the purest water and giving the distillate and the water enough time to pair.

After months of experimenting and testing they came up with the perfect recipe:
- Organic Dutch Grains from Zeeland
- Six times distilled in copper stills
- The purest water of Holland from underneath the Veluwe
- Six weeks of pairing 

Result: the most featherlight Vodka you’ll ever have. In contrast to other Vodka’s, T’s has many nuances of flavor. Because we use Organic grains, the distillate doesn’t have to be filtered, which results in a Vodka that actually has a lovely taste.

Try it yourself and be surprised too.